Windmill Hill & Malago Community Planning Group (WHaM)

Framework plan for Bedminster Green

Bristol City Council has confirmed that there will be an agreed framework plan for the whole of Bedminster Green before any development goes ahead. The framework, to be produced by the Nash Partnership and approved by BCC and the City Design Group, is apparently now near to completion. A period of public consultation will be announced shortly.

WHaM responds to Urban Living plans

Bedminster Green was highlighted as a favoured location for high-rise housing in Bristol City Council’s Urban Living document. WHaM made comments on the draft and attended a consultation meeting in June 2018.

It was clear that community reaction was decisively against high-rise buildings: you can read all the responses received – 37% were from Bedminster residents!

WHaM has now made detailed comments on the revised version of the Urban Living document – the results of the final consultation will be available on 6 November 2018.

More high-rise next to Bedminster station?

Urbis is now working with Dandara on high-rise housing plans for Plot 5, the only Council-owned plot in Bedminster Green. At our July meeting, Council representatives confirmed that an agreement is in place with Dandara to develop this plot.

Little Paradise consultation online

South Bristol Voice image and text showing proposed blocks
Bedminster Green blocks from June’s South Bristol Voice

Dandara held a public consultation on proposals for Plot 4 (Little Paradise, next to St Catherine’s Place) in May 2018.

Plans include an 18-storey+ block and a total of 340 one- and two-bed flats for rent. The proposed density is a mind-boggling 700 units per hectare. Up to 20% of the flats will be ‘affordable’; a residents’ gym and 140 car parking spaces are also included.

Make your comments now before the planning application is submitted to the Council!

Energy centre news

Rollo Homes has made a further planning application for a 6-7 storey block of 32 affordable flats for rent and a gas-fired energy centre on Plot 1 (Malago Rd).

It is possible that the Framework for Bedminster Green will also include an energy centre. Representatives from the Council answered residents’ questions about different types of energy centre at our July meeting.

St Catherine’s Place consultation

Firmstone Consortia One, best known locally as the developer of Airpoint, has added two storeys to the existing 7-storey building on Plot 2 to provide 54 1- and 2-bed flats. No affordable housing is included.

Now Firmstone is proposing to build a 21-storey+ tower block next to the existing building. The amount of affordable housing remains to be agreed. Shops, restaurants, a cinema and a gym are proposed for St Catherine’s shopping centre.

A a recent WHaM meeting, residents expressed fears that these proposals will set a precedent for other Bedminster Green developers.

WHaM’s response to developers

As well as commenting on planning applications, attending meetings and keeping the community informed, WHaM has responded to developers with a Planning Brief, based on extensive community consultation:

What is WHaM?

  • WHaM is an open-membership group which provides a platform for residents, developers, Bristol City Council and other stakeholders to discuss planning proposals for the area. We are part of the Neighbourhood Planning Network.
  • WHaM welcomes development that prioritises community needs – we want to create a neighbourhood we can all feel positive about.
  • WHaM’s current priority is consulting on proposals for developments in the Bedminster Green framework area.

Find out who to contact with your views and how to get involved with WHaM.


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