Developers’ proposals

Bedminster Green plots
Bedminster Green plots

There are now five Bedminster Green plots, owned by different developers.

The developers are all part of the Bedminster Green Landowners Group, chaired by Bristol City Council (BCC) officer Bryn Howells.

A Framework Plan for Bedminster Green has been produced by Nash Partnership. It will be approved by BCC and the City Design Group before any planning applications are approved. Public consultation is taking place until 13 January 2019.

Plot 1

Rollo Homes (now known as Developments Bristol) purchased Plot 1 in 2016 and made two planning applications which are still current.

The plot has now been sold to a2Dominion. A consultation on new plans for student accommodation (in collaboration with the University of Bristol), homes for social rent and some shared ownership homes took place in December 2018. A planning application is expected shortly for a completed build in 2021.

Plot 2

A planning application for part of St Catherine’s Place (Plot 2) was approved in June 2017 and the site was sold to Firmstone Consortia One, best known locally as the developer of Airpoint.

Firmstone has converted the existing office block into 54 1- and 2-bed flats, adding two storeys. No affordable housing is included. Firmstone also owns the shopping centre and Leslie Jones Architecture has been appointed to masterplan the retail development.

Plans for retail, leisure and further residential development, including a 22-storey block, were subject to initial public consultation. A  planning application, which does not include any affordable housing, was submitted in October 2018.

Plot 3

In 2017, Urbis consulted on building an energy centre on Clarke St, behind the NCP car park (Plot 3, owned by Deeley Freed). These plans have now been shelved and Deeley Freed is apparently now considering building flats. No planning application has yet been made.

Plot 4

Plans for Plot 4 (Little Paradise, next to St Catherine’s Place) are being proposed by Dandara. Initial proposals were the subject of a public consultation and were also reviewed by the Bristol Urban Design Forum. The current proposals include 329 1- and 2-bed flats for private tenants at market rent.

Plot 5

This is the only land owned by Bristol City Council and includes the Green and the area round Bedminster station. An agreement has  now been made with Dandara to develop the plot. Dandara is working with Urbis – reportedly on proposals for a 14-storey block. No planning application has yet been made.

Background information

Bristol City Council Urban Living and Local Plan draft policies:

Bedminster Green is cited as a favoured location for high-rise development in the Urban Living document. WHaM submitted comments on the draft in April 2018 and attended a consultation meeting in June 2018. WHaM also commented on the revised draft produced in August. The final version of Urban Living was adopted in November 2018; further consultation on the Local Plan will take place in March 2019.

From the planning portal:

From Bristol Urban Design Forum: