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From November’s South Bristol Voice:

St Catherine’s massive new 22-storey block

Firmstone has put in a planning application for a major retail, residential and commercial development next to the existing block on St Catherine’s Place. The application, which includes no affordable housing, has been made before the agreement of a Framework Plan for Bedminster Green. WHaM is co-ordinating a response – but don’t wait for us before making your comment!

Framework plan for Bedminster Green

At our July public meeting Bristol City Council representatives committed to a framework plan for the whole of Bedminster Green. The framework, to be produced by the Nash Partnership and approved by BCC and the City Design Group, is apparently now near to completion. A period of public consultation was also promised but there has been no news on this, or on the Framework, to date.

Councillors back the community

After a packed WHaM meeting on 11 June, Councillors Lucy Whittle, Jon Wellington and Charlie Bolton wrote to the Bedminster Green developers on behalf of the community. Suggesting that the developers ‘bring back proposals which are considerably lower in height’ their letter concludes: ‘we think this development is just too big. Please think again.’