Latest news

Framework plan for Bedminster Green

Bristol City Council representatives at our July public meeting assured the community that no development will go ahead without an agreed framework plan for the whole of Bedminster Green. The framework, to be produced by the Nash Partnership and approved by BCC and the City Design Group, is apparently now near to completion. A period of public consultation will be announced shortly.

Councillors back the community

After a packed WHaM meeting on 11 June, Councillors Lucy Whittle, Jon Wellington and Charlie Bolton have written directly to the Bedminster Green developers on behalf of the community. Suggesting that the developers ‘bring back proposals which are considerably lower in height’ their letter concludes: ‘we think this development is just too big. Please think again.’

Little Paradise consultation

Following Dandara‘s public consultation on proposals for Plot 4 a website with all the plans, and an online feedback form, is now live. Make your comments before the planning application is submitted to the Council!

Energy centre news

Rollo Homes has made a further planning application for a 6-7 storey block of 32 affordable flats for rent and a gas-fired energy centre on Plot 1 (Malago Rd).

It is possible that the Framework for Bedminster Green will also include an energy centre. Representatives from the Council answered residents’ questions about different types of energy centre at our July meeting.

St Catherine’s Place consultation

WHaM held a packed public meeting on Monday 19 March to discuss Firmstone Consortia One’s plans for a 21-storey tower block next to the existing block at St Catherine’s Place. Shops, restaurants, a cinema and a gym are also proposed.

Rollo Homes – you can still comment!

Rollo Homes has revised its proposals for Malago Rd (Plot 1) in response to feedback. WHaM welcomes these changes – but they are just a start. A public meeting held to discuss the revised proposals highlighted objections on a range of issues, including the mix of housing and the lack of associated infrastructure.