What the community wants for Malago Green

In order to distinguish the community’s ideas from developers’ ideas, WHaM used the description ‘Malago Green’ for the proposed development area.

Your ideas have all emerged from community consultations at public meetings: the results are in WHaM’s Community Planning Brief (PDF). The final version was published in December 2016 and was submitted to Bristol City Council.

WHaM welcomes development that has the following core principles at its heart:

  • inclusive, welcoming and connected: a place which attracts people
  • sustainable, productive and ecological: a space with respect for the environment and wildlife
  • inspirational, creative and beautiful: a place to be proud of and to inspire people
  • liveable, enjoyable and healthy: a place to socialise, meet and be active in.

Key points for the Malago Green development

  • A low-rise rather than a high rise development (e.g five storeys) with at least 30% affordable housing
  • Green spaces and extra infrastructure (e.g. doctors, schools and transport) to meet community needs
  • A lively, community-orientated addition to the existing area which encourages interactions between neighbours and cares for the most vulnerable residents

Read the Community Planning Brief (PDF) for lots more detail about the community’s vision for the area – and let us know what you think.