What is WHaM?

Windmill Hill and Malago Community Planning Group (WHaM) is a local group covering Windmill Hill, Victoria Park and East Bedminster. We are part of the Neighbourhood Planning Network.

What does WHaM do?

WHaM encourages dialogue between property developers, Bristol City Council and members of the local community.

  • we talk to developers, hopefully before they apply for full planning consent
  • we encourage community involvement by sharing information about developments and holding public meetings
  • we encourage community consultation by developers
  • we inform the planning process by feeding back the views of local people

How does WHaM operate?

We have a Facebook page and a website so we can quickly flag up information, and you can comment or bring concerns to our attention. We hold open meetings when there are issues to publicise or discuss, there is a committee which holds regular meetings and we sometimes set up smaller groups to work on specific tasks.

What are WHaM’s current priorities?

Our current priority is the proposed development to the area between East Street and Bedminster Station known as Bedminster Green. This is a major redevelopment of an uncared for stretch of land that will see the area transformed by high-density housing. In December 2016 we produced a Community Planning Brief  (PDF) for the area which has been submitted to Bristol City Council.

Why do we need WHaM?

Positive development needs input from residents, the developers and the Council. WHaM aims to make sure that this happens before planning decisions are taken.

Can anyone get involved?

The group is open to all residents. We meet regularly and also hold other events (including parties!) – everyone is welcome! Contact us to see how you can get involved, follow us on Facebook or join in to take action.