Plan the development we want, together

Since WHaM was formed, in 2015, we have held regular meetings which are open to everyone – dates and times are posted here and on our Facebook group. We have also held several large community consultation meetings on specific issues. We’ve been busy leafleting residents, lobbying politicians and talking to developers and local media.

In February 2016 we held a public consultation meeting about a Community Vision for the area. We responded to residents’ concerns by putting together a Community Planning Brief (PDF) emphasising community-led development, including green space, doctors’ surgeries, schools and good transport links – rather than development for maximum profit.

The Community Planning Brief (PDF) was submitted to Bristol City Council Planning department in December 2016 – let us know what you think.

pom-poms on tree on Malago Green

We’ve had Saturday stalls on Malago Green, Victoria Park fest stalls, parties in the Windmill pub and represented residents at council meetings. Our December 2016 TreeFest included decorating the trees on Malago Green.

More than 50 people attended our March 2018 meeting to discuss the St Catherine’s Place consultation and proposals for a 22-storey tower block. A similar number attended our workshop on making a statement to the planning committee in June 2019.

We continue to lobby, hold meetings, respond to consultations and keep you informed via Facebook and this website.

Our story has been covered extensively in the local press.

Responding to developers

As well as setting out the community’s vision for the area, WHaM makes responses to developers on a case-by-case basis outlining key concerns, for example:

Responding to planning strategy

Bedminster Green is highlighted as a favoured location for high-rise housing in Bristol City Council’s Urban Living document. The new policies in the Urban Living SPD (PDF) and Local Plan documents will dramatically alter Bristol’s landscape over the next decades – in particular by increasing the amount of high-rise building. WHaM submitted comments on the draft documents and attended a consultation meeting in June 2018.

Questions to Bristol City Council

As well as regularly attending meetings with Council representatives, WHaM submitted questions to the Full Council meetings on 8 November and 13 December 2016.

What now?

Mayor Marvin Rees has met WHaM to discuss Bedminster Green and we have given him, and local councillors, a copy of our Community Planning Brief (PDF)